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Criminal Defense Attorney in Redding, CA

handcuffsRoss Helmbold, Attorney at Law, offers unparalleled legal representation to North State residents who are facing serious criminal charges. Our law firm is proud to operate based on a strict belief in upholding ethics and maintaining integrity while defending those who require a skilled and experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Your life and the lives of your loved ones can be turned upside down with allegations of criminal activity, but adequate representation will help relieve some of that stress. No matter the type of case or severity of the charges, we are well-equipped to fight for justice inside and outside of the courtroom. We have successfully provided counsel in a wide variety of criminal matters, including DUI, domestic violence, murder, drug crimes, embezzlement, robbery, sex offenses, assault, traffic infractions, and juvenile court matters- just to name a few.

As a leading criminal defense attorney in Northern California with a professional background that spans more than three decades, you can rest assured that Ross Helmbold assertively fights for the rights of his clients. You can count on the fact that he will be by your side to personally handle each and every aspect of your case, from filing paperwork to negotiating plea bargains and/or expertly representing you at hearings and trial.

When it comes to your reputation and your future, you don’t want to leave them in the hands of an inexperienced attorney that can’t give you the counsel and defense you need in order to obtain a positive outcome. The attorney you choose to present your case may be one of the most important decisions you ever have to make. Let the Law Office of Ross Helmbold assist you in putting together a solid defense.

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