Courthouse_courtroom_1Being the defendant in a criminal matter is sure to have you and your loved ones on edge and worried about what the future holds. Juries and judges are unpredictable, meaning no one can ever know what the final verdict is going to be in a case. However, you have a much better chance at pleading and winning your case with an experienced criminal defense attorney from Redding representing you in court. If you or someone you’re close to is in any of the situations listed below, don’t hesitate to consult with a lawyer right away.

You’re Being Questioned By the Police Regarding a Crime

At first, it may not seem like a big deal to answer a few simple questions from the police, but others who have found themselves in this same position will tell you how suddenly things can change in an interrogation room. Even if you haven’t been placed under arrest, the truth is that you have no idea what is going on in the minds of the law enforcement officers that you’re speaking to and whether or not they already perceive you to be a person of interest in a particular crime. Regardless of guilt or innocence, police have a way of making people nervous and tongue-tied, so it’s always smartest to have an attorney present for any line of questioning before things turn in a direction that’s not in your favor.

You’re Being Accused of Criminal Activity

If you’re being accused of committing a crime, it should be obvious that you need an experienced criminal defense attorney, but not everyone sees it that way. Some people believe it’s just a mistake and they’ll be free again in just a short time, while others think they can just as effectively represent themselves. In reality, neither of these are likely scenarios. If you’ve actually been arrested, it means there is some sort of evidence the police think they have against you, and it will take the knowledge of a lawyer to put together a strong argument to prove them wrong.

You’re Being Presented With a Plea Bargain

Plea bargains can be extremely confusing. People who are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of the law probably won’t fully understand the terms of a plea bargain being presented to them. It’s critical that before you agree to anything like this you have it explained to you by an attorney that has your best interests in mind. On the other hand, without the help of an attorney and their skill for negotiating, a plea bargain with a reduced sentence may never even become an option for you to consider.

You’re Facing Serious Prison Time

Whenever there is serious prison time on the table, you need a trusted criminal lawyer. You don’t want to leave your fate solely in the hands of the prosecutor, judge and jury without a solid opportunity to defend yourself. Your chances of being acquitted will decrease dramatically if you don’t have someone you can rely on fighting for your rights.

Don’t underestimate how serious criminal charges are, even if you know you’re innocent. Consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney in Redding should you ever encounter any of these situations.