defense-attorney-840062_640When you’re facing criminal charges in Shasta County, it’s in your best interests to find a lawyer–and not just any lawyer–but an experienced criminal defense attorney in Redding as soon as possible. Here’s why:

It’s nearly impossible to successfully represent yourself.

Below one percent of indicted individuals opt for self-representation. The chances of successfully doing so are even less–given the complicated nature of the law code. If you’ve ever tried to read and understand the fine print on a warranty or a credit card statement, you’ve gotten a tiny glimpse of legal speak. Multiple this by massive law codes and you’re facing a gulf of legal knowledge between you and the prosecutor.

The prosecuting attorney wields great power in a criminal case and determines the direction of a case in the courtroom. He may try to argue for a stiffer penalty or longer prison sentence. Without a criminal defense attorney at your side who understands the law and deflects the prosecutor’s attempts to put you behind bars for good, you might find yourself out of options. A prosecutor does his job for a living and does it well. Criminal law is a vast minefield with hidden and shifting nuances that are only known and accessible to attorneys.

An attorney might be able to reduce your charges.

He might even be able to get them dismissed completely. An attorney is skilled at negotiating with prosecutors. With his expertise, he may be able to get your charges and sentences reduced. For instance, he may be successful at negotiating to get a felony reduced to a misdemeanor or arguing for house arrest instead of a prison sentence. Prosecutors are often less willing to negotiate with an accused individual.

A criminal defense lawyer can also provide a knowledgeable, objective perspective to people accused of crimes. A defendant may not understand the implications of pleading guilty, but a lawyer can outline the potential pros and cons of doing so. Additionally, a lawyer can advise a defendant on a sound defense strategy during trial.

An attorney handles research, witnesses, and investigators.

When your freedom and future is at stake, you need a criminal defense lawyer that is capable of doing all the legwork. He knows how to handle witness interviews and crime scene investigations and can hire investigators who may be able to raise more effective questions for the prosecution. For instance, if someone embellishes their witness against you, an investigator may be able to get their witness removed from consideration. Additionally, investigators may be able to find and interview reluctant witnesses.

When you’re facing charges and possible jail time, a criminal defense lawyer in Redding may be your greatest ally. He can help you navigate a complicated court system and provide you with educated, qualified advice on how to proceed.